The Benefits of the Association
  • It is beneficial for every registered Pension Fund to be a member of the Association in order to contribute to policy debate and reforms in the industry in a combined and well-structured manner.
  • Member Funds have accessibility to service providers and vice versa.
  • Information on developments in the industry is disseminated and members have access thereto.
  • Training and support of members is offered.
  • It is an international standard for an industry that contributes to socio economic development to be cohesive and organised and speak with one voice on matters of interest.
  • The Association engages the various stakeholders on behalf of its members; It serves as a single voice for the retirement funds industry; through this it :
  • Facilitates the provision of a well-administered retirement funds industry.
  • Free consultations: The Association consults the relevant bodies, organizations and Government ministries on behalf of its members freely and no charges are levied on the Association;
  • Coordinates support to ensure that all interests are represented by establishing committees and bodies,
  • Offers a service and facilitation centre for potential partners and members;
  • Training: The Association conducts training for its membership on various topics so as to enhance the skills base of the industry.
  • AGM & Conference: Once a year, the Association holds an annual indaba to discuss issues that affect the industry and also to impart knowledge. Various speakers are chosen from within Zimbabwe and outside the country. It is an event that every practitioner must attend in order to keep abreast with global trends on pensions.
  • Up to date information sharing;
  • Fast and efficient engagement with relevant authorities and stakeholders;
  • Good practices and market conduct standards ensured through code of conduct, investment strategies, corporate governance, member education and communication;
  • Reduction of industry complaints;
  • Improved capacity of trustees – resulting in modern and first-class retirement funds administration, in turn ensuring reliability and safety of retirement savings.
  • Benefit from well-researched information for strategy formulation;
  • Increased investment opportunities for the financial markets; and
  • Sustainable national development and socio-economic benefits;
  • Stimulation of the overall national economy;

The Association is making efforts to increase the scope of its activities for the benefit of the Industry and the economy at large. In order to achieve this, the Association needs to increase its revenue base and adequately resource its Secretariat. At present only 140 out of the 1000 registered Pension Funds are members of ZAPF and carry the burden of supporting all its activities. Any policy reforms and changes brought about through the Association’s lobbying benefit all registered pension funds hence the call for them to join the Association. We believe a wider membership base will boost the Association’s revenue base, reduce the quantum of annual subscriptions per member and also enhance its capacity to serve the industry.