This Committee is there to formulate and implement training programmes for members of the Association. Through the Secretariat it arranges and mounts seminars and workshops, liaises with cognate bodies both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere to keep abreast of trends in the pensions industry and assist pension fund administrators in acquiring the requisite knowledge and expertise so as to engender efficiency and professionalism in the administration of pension funds.

With effect from January 1996, the Committee introduced the National Certificate in Pensions Management. The next two years saw the full time students sitting for the National Diploma in Pensions Management culminating in the Higher National Diploma in Pensions Management which they completed in 1999.

This has been the greatest achievement of the Education Committee. However, only time will tell as to the competence of the graduates who should all be given first preference for employment by all members.

It also organizes the AGM and Congress.

Alen Deda


Elisha K Ngunga

Taona Munzvandi

Benson Gasura