The following are the terms of reference of this Committee: –

  1. To review the existing enactments and statutory instruments affecting Pension and Provident Funds in order to iron out any anomalies or points of difficulty in interpretation.
  2. To examine any proposed amendments to the Pension and Provident Funds legislation and prepare drafts or make representations on behalf of Council.
  • To liaise with other like-minded bodies like LOA, EMCOZ, ZCTU, ZIBA etc who have an interest to the working of the pensions industry including NSSA.
  1. To seek if necessary professional assistance with regard to legal, actuarial, accounting or any other aspects of Pension and Provident Funds.
  2. Generally, to keep in touch with any legislative developments likely to affect the working of Pension and Provident Funds and keep the Council informed so that remedial action is taken to safeguard the interests of the pensions industry.

Chipo Hlabangana


Elson Gonye

Alackias Gavure

Timothy Nherudzo