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Annual General Meeting 2024

Access insightful presentations from our recent AGM, designed to empower and inform our members.


THEME: Value Creation for Pension Funds in Zimbabwe

Regulatory Updates

Stay informed with the latest regulatory updates affecting pension funds.

AGM Overview

Highlights from the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting 2024 brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss pivotal topics affecting pension funds. Our workshops covered a range of subjects from investment strategies to regulatory changes, providing valuable insights and actionable advice. These presentations are essential for staying ahead in the evolving landscape of pension fund management.

Each workshop was meticulously designed to address current challenges and opportunities in the pension fund sector. The presentations offer a wealth of knowledge, helping our members make informed decisions and implement best practices in their operations.

Annual General Meeting Presentations

Downloadable Resources

Impact Investing in Zimbabwe
Relationship Between The Regulator And The Regulated
Promoting Member Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning
Regulatory Update
Value Creation for Pension Funds (Ghana Case Study)
Where is my money?

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